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United Call Centers is an international call center company founded in 1999. Our main profile is to provide multilingual contact center services with a strong sales focus, now in more than 30 countries, in 50 supported, but virtually in any languages and dialects. Use United Call Centers' next-generation tools and automated sales solutions! Our systems are available at any time of the day, with 100% data security.

Are you looking for a professional partner to outsource your customer service tasks in the EV Charging industry? As a partner of the sector's leading players on an international level, United Call Centers offers professional solutions for all possible customer service tasks.

Our experience in the field of EV, Charging & Mobility:


We provide all contact center services in one place: from general customer care, to technical & SaaS support, billing & refund, blended services, inbound & B2B sales.

UCC can be your global partner in covering the entire customer lifecycle in an end-to-end system. We hold your customer’s hands from the first moment.

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Our services are based on scalability – we are able to ramp up and ramp down agent numbers virtually in real-time. We will be there for you all day, every day, or as we say: 24/7/365.

Our native-speaking agents have perfect language skills. We have complex technical knowledge, and top-quality infrastructure, ready to help you.

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Omnichannel service
Shipment & logistics tracking
In-app support
Picture validation
Real-time supports

Major achievements

Full implementation of multilingual contact center services for clients with no experience in BPO in a few months, with full organization of the associated processes and technology infrastructure and innovative, 24/7/365 customer service solutions.

Spectacular results in the expansion of services: an increasing number of clients, language areas, and more outsourced customer service tasks or processes, which means up-to-date experience in this fast-growing sector.

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